About Osteopathic CPD Cheshire

The General Osteopathic Council has introduced a mandatory scheme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for osteopaths.

What is CPD?

CPD is defined as learning that comprises lectures, seminars, courses, practical sessions, individual study or other activities undertaken by an osteopath, that could reasonably be expected to advance his/her professional development or contribute to the development of osteopathy to ensure the highest quality of care for patients.

Why attend?

Improvement in the quality of the osteopathic care provided, arising from the development of an osteopath’s knowledge and skill. Increasing confidence in the professional abilities of an osteopath, leading to improved patient/practitioner relationships.

If you would like to update your CPD Attendance Record online, please use the My CPD Record link below the GOC logo.

The Osteopathic CPD Group for Cheshire would like to extend an invitation to all Osteopaths to attend our seminars irrespective of the location of your practice. Please be aware that our seminars have a limit of 40 people, so booking early is always appreciated.

A warm welcome is extended to all students. If you are a student and you would like to attend our seminars, please email Suzette Pulman or Neil Harrison in advance.