Seminar 15th August 2020

The seminar will be held on Saturday 15th August 2020 via Zoom Teleconference.

The seminar cost is £0.00.

The meeting will start at 10:00 and it will conclude at 11:00.

This seminar will award 1 CPD point.

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 Time  Speaker  Topic
10:00 Welcome
Georgina Leelodharry
Head of Operations
Institute of Osteopathy
Q&A Session
Questions and Concerns: Professional Standards at the Institute of Osteopathy
11:00 Close


Delegates Attending


If your name is on the list below and you did not recevie your invitation,
please email Fergus and he will send it again.


Suzette Pulman Mary Boyle Lucy Pringle
Anna Tillotson Emelyne Gilabert Sarah Pank
David Eddie Stuart Hale Sarah Wheildon
Margaret Lavendar Christina Parsons Margery Davies-Gray
Peter Gray Bernadette Cordwell Martin Murgatroyd
Margaret Horner Tracy Lomax Melanie Wright
Cai Elias-Schofield Margaret Gul Darren Hayward
Alison Allott Ruth Rose Ian Trotter
Caroline Robinson