Seminar 20th March 2021

The seminar will be held on Saturday 20th March 2021 via Zoom Video Conference.

The seminar cost is £25.00.

The meeting will start at 10:00 and it will conclude at 12:00.

For the first time, we will add in a new element – a podcast. You will need to listen to the podcast in advance of the seminar, as the second hour will be a group discussion on the podcast content. The podcast is from “The Words Matter Podcast”.

If you have not listened to a podcast before, you don’t need any special equipment or software: you can listen on any computer or phone. GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE TO LISTEN.

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This seminar will award 2 CPD hours.

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 Time  Speaker  Topic
10:00 Welcome
Mr John Leach
Consultant Neurosurgeon
MA BM BCh FRCS (Neuro Surg)
BMI Alexandra Hospital
Managing Cervical Radiculopathy and Myelopathy
11:00 Close
12:00 Group Discussion on Podcast: Enduring explanations and building beliefs in people with back pain- with Dr Ben Darlow


The seminar has now closed for registrations.

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Dr Ben Darlow. Ben is a clinician, teacher and researcher. He works clinically as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Specialist based in private practice in Wellington, New Zealand.His teaching and research are based in the Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice at the University of Otago. More about Ben’s academic work. His research interests lie in the understanding and management of common musculoskeletal conditions like low back pain and osteoarthritis. here.Many of you will be aware of Ben’s excellent research into back pain beliefs, both his qualitative work especially his papers “The enduring impact of what clinicians say to patients with LBP” (see here), and “Easy to harm and hard to heal, patients view about the back” (see here), plus the development of the back pain attitudes questionnaire otherwise known as the BACK-PAQ tool which is now widely used by researchers across the globe in the study of back pain beliefs and attitudes (see here). His work features heavily in the online course on effective language and communication in the management of back pain (details here).In this episode we talked about the nature, origins and importance of back pain beliefs. We dig down into the role of the clinician in co-structuring beliefs, narratives and frameworks with people experiencing back pain. We explored the challenges and opportunities of providing diagnoses and explanations to people in pain.


Delegates Attending

Suzette Pulman Neil Harrison Alison Allott
Marion Jones Joanna Cheaney Emily Davies
Edward Hatch Martin Murgatroyd Yasmin Ghadache (Student)
Darren Hayward Diane Kane Stuart Hale
Elizabeth Curphey Peter Gray Charlotte O’Toole
Jason Gaskill David Eddie